This are the women’s fund that participate in the initiative

Women’s funds

Apthapi-Jopueti Bolivian Women´s Fund

La Paz / Bolivia

The Apthapi-Jopueti feminist Fund is a fund that promotes and strengthens the performance of various women and their organizations in Bolivia through the distribution of resources to initiatives to denounce and transform situations of oppression, exclusion and discrimination.

Elas Fundo de Investimento Social

Río de Janeiro / Brazil

Since 2000 ELAS Social Investment Fund has been investing exclusively on women’s leadership and rights of women, creating social impact and change. Since then, ELAS – Social Investment Fund has reached some important figures: more than 300 supported groups of women and girls and more than U$ 6 million donated directly through calls for proposals. In addition to the provision of financial support to the groups, the organization offers training units and seminars to group members and monitors their activities in order to maximize results.

Fondo Alquimia

Santiago / Chile

Fondo Alquimia is a feminist foundation working for women’s and girls’ human rights. Their strategy is to strengthen the women’s movements in Chile by delivering funds, promote political alliances and, support the work of grassroots organizations that are committed to this cause.

Fondo Centroamericano de mujeres Fcam

Managua / Nicaragua

Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres, founded in 2003 and registered as a Nicaraguan foundation in 2006, is the first and only women’s fund based in the region that mobilizes resources for women’s organizations—particularly young women’s organizations—that are working to defend and promote women’s human rights in Central America.

Fondo de mujeres del Sur

Córdoba / Argentina

Fondo de Mujeres del Sur (FMS) was founded in 2007 and works in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Since 2017, FMS coordinates Leading from the South in the region, which covers more than 20 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. FMS gives flexible, multi – year fundings, and provides technical and political assistance to grassroots initiatives, organisations and networks created and led by women and LBTIQ+ people, who work to achieve transformative results towards gender equality and justice. FMS goal is to strengthen women, feminist and diversity movements, from a human rights-based approach, gender perspective, empowerment, intersectionality and interculturality. Since it was founded, FMS has mobilised more than 10 Million USD in direct support to organizations and feminist movements in the region, delivering more than 1066 grants to 343 women and LBTIQ+ organizations (by october 2021).

Fondo Lunaria Mujer

Bogotá / Colombia

Fondo Lunaria works at the national level. In the last three years, Fondo Lunaria has focused on working with young women as a strategy to transform cultural realities against women in Colombia.

Fondo Semillas

Mexico City / Mexico

Founded in Mexico City in 1990, Fondo Semillas was the first women’s fund established in the global South and remains the only fund of its kind in Mexico. During the past 31 years, Fondo Semillas has directly supported over 800,000 women and trans people as well as indirectly reaching 3.1 million children, men, and women through more than 1301 women-led projects carried out in all the states of Mexico. Fondo Semillas is a feminist fund that mobilizes resources and accompanies organizations and women’s groups in Mexico to achieve gender equality. Fondo Semillas’ vision is a sustainable world in which society, in all its diversity, lives in freedom, justice, equality, and fully exercising their rights.

Urgent Action Fund – Latin America & The Caribbean

Bogotá / Colombia

The UAF-LA was established in August, 2009. Working from Bogotá, Colombia, its scope of work includes all countries in Latin America and the Spanish speaking Caribbean.

Bulgarian Fund For Women

Sofia / Bulgaria

Bulgarian Fund for Women is the only indigenous donor in Bulgaria that raises funds and exclusively supports local CSOs working to advance women’s and girls’ rights, eliminate gender stereotypes, gender-based violence and discrimination, achieve gender equality in all spheres of life and make a social change.

Calala Fondo de Mujeres

Barcelona / Spain

Calala is a Spanish foundation, established in 2009 in Barcelona. We work locally and internationally, and as the first Spanish women’s fund we see our challenge in creating supportive networks of women who are committed to women’s rights and want to contribute to social change from a feminist perspective.

Femfund Poland

Warsaw / Poland

Created in 2018 FemFund is the only women’s grantmaking fund in Poland. It was set up in the context of skyrocketing backlash to support feminist movements. FemFund provides flexible small grants for women-led activism and organising via a participatory grantmaking model. It also aims to encourage feminist philanthropy at country and community level to make feminist movements more resilient and resistant to attacks on women’s human rights.

Ecumenical Women´s Initiative

Omis / Croatia

EWI is the only indigenous, regional women’s fund in south-east Europe and the only women’s fund supporting women’s active role in ecumenical and inter-religious cooperation in the region.

Filia Die Frauenstiftung

Hamburg / Germany

Filia, the German women’s fund, was founded in 2001 with a growing community of partners in mind who invest capital and realise projects that enable women to gain power and influence, in both Europe and internationally. filia gives grants specifically to women and girls as experts of their own situation, who are experiencing multiple forms of discrimination. filia means “daughter”. The foundation created Germany’s first Girls Advisory Board where young women decide on grants for girls’ projects nationwide. filia sees money as a tool for social change. Within a culture of feminist philanthropy filia’s investment policy pursues ethical and sustainable criteria.

Mama Cash

Amsterdam / The Netherlands

Founded in 1983, Mama Cash was the first international women’s fund in the world. Mama Cash is dedicated to supporting the collective action of women, girls, trans and intersex people to control their bodies, make and influence decisions in public and private life, determine how economic and other resources are used, both at the personal level but also at community and state levels, and live free, pleasurable lives. Our goal is to contribute to strong feminist groups and movements that organise together to end inequality and injustice.

Mediterranean Women´s Fund

Montpellier / France

The Mediterranean Women’s Fund sprang from the women’s movement itself and is at the heart of the multiple connections of local and regional networks. Created in 2007 by five women, all active in women’s groups and networks in the Mediterranean region and with extensive experience raising funds on a volunteer basis for projects in Turkey, France, and Maghreb. They are familiar with the obstacles that women activists face in their work for equality and, advised by about twenty prominent women activists of the region, are in an excellent position to analyze and meet the needs within the specific context.

Reconstruction Women´s Fund

Belgrade / Serbia

RWF was established in Belgrade, Serbia in April 2004 and works nationally. Reconstruction Women’s Fund is the first local women’s foundation in Serbia.

Taso Foundation

Tbilisi / Georgia

Taso Foundation is an independent national women’s fund, which, in the years 1998-2006 operated as the Women’s Program of Open Society – Georgia Foundation. Taso Foundation was officially registered in January 2007, and operates nation-wide.

Ukrainian Women´s Fund

Kiev / Ukraine

Ukrainian Women’s Fund (UWF) is an international charitable organization founded in 2000. The UWF provides women’s civil society organizations (CSOs) in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus with financial, information and consultation support.

Women´s Fund Armenia


The Women’s Fund of Armenia was established in the summer of 2018; our work is ongoing and it is done with great dedication. The Women’s Fund in Armenia provides support to women and girls by providing relevant resources. We look for innovative ideas among women in Armenia who do not have the opportunity to make them a reality.

Women´s Fund in Georgia

Tbilisi / Georgia

Women Fund in Georgia is a local grantmaking organization supporting women’s rights organizations, grassroots groups and individual activists for social changes by providing financial resources and capacity building, and by promoting the culture of feminist philanthropy. WFG was founded in 2005, and since then has awarded more than 500 grants nationwide. WFG’s target groups are mostly groups of marginalized women, who live in rural areas, women with disabilities, LBT women, young women and girls, sex-workers, and other groups. WFG is an activist Fund and uses women’s rightsbased approach to its work and contributes to the women’s movement building by supporting WHRDs and feminist/green activists, creating enabling environment for activists to grow and sustain their impact.