A project in motion

Stage 2 (2023-2024)

The cross-regional convergence summit

The 1st “On The Right Track” (OTRT) Cross-Regional Meeting – which has been celebrated this 2024 in Belgrade- is the milestone that marks the end of the second stage, sets the tone for the third stage and materialises the process of convergence between the movements from both regions: Latin America and Europe.

  • The 1st OTRT Cross-Regional Meeting in Belgrade has taken place between March 11th and 13th. This is an historical turning point, the first meeting between feminist funds and grassroots organizations from Latin America and Europe in Belgrade, Serbia. Convened by 20 women’s funds and more than 45 partner organizations from both continents, it has gathered over 100 participants with a clear intention: defending democracy and Human Rights together.

We are creating new narratives to promote Human Rights, re-connecting with local knowledge

 The interregional democratic alliance “On The Right Track” (OTRT) was formed in order to strengthen social movements and organisations working in defence of human rights and democracy in response to the advance of anti-rights, conservative and extreme right-wing movements. Four years later, this alliance is still growing and creating new forms of articulation of social movements throughout Latin America and Europe:

  • The 2nd OTRT Forum in Chile has been carried out. In the second encounter (October 2023) we defined a strategy that is interweaving the action of four working groups: Anti-racism, Research, Communication and Advocacy.
  • A European meeting was held in Sofia (Bulgaria) in May 2023, in which the Latin American coordination team participated.

In 2023 we have also created TRACK, a virtual community for women’s, feminist and LGTBIQNB+ organisations from both regions to continue working on this path. 

Stage 1 (2019-2022)

We mapped and diagnosed how fundamentalisms are impacting feminisms

We researched how fundamentalisms were impacting feminist movements and organisations, creating a series of seminars for Women’s Fund’s communicators and diagnosing the situation from a Human’s Rights’ perspective, which resulted in a series of papers being published. In Europe and Latin America, 156 organisations and networks were supported in 27 countries (103 in 13 European countries and 53 in 14 LA countries).


We dreamt about power and future

After our research, from 2020 onwards, we chose to focus on the power and agency that participant organisations can nurture, mainly through co-creating Communications Campaigns to reach further, better, stronger and create a positive change. Through arts, diverse women across different regions sent a message of empowerment and hope, creating campaigns like Poderío or Tearing down walls to dream up futures. We also held the 1st Latin-American Forum in Chile in November 2021.