Between November 9 and 11, 2021 we will hold the I Latin American Meeting of OTRT organizations.
“Contributions to deepen democracies from social movements”.

The meeting, held in Santiago, Chile, was attended by more than 40 activists from 14 Latin American countries.

Watch the video summary here:

The space allowed Latin American organizations to get to know each other, deepen ties and coordinate their activities. Work was also done to consolidate the mapping of fundamentalist actors in the various territories and to share views on the challenges presented by anti-rights movements in the current context.

Within the framework of the Meeting, a public discussion entitled: “Dialogues: building democracies from social movements” was held in Santiago on Thursday, November 10. The event was attended by guest speakers such as researcher Sonia Correa, and activists from organizations in 14 countries.

See some central ideas here:

During the meeting, participants shared their activist experiences and strategies to confront all forms of fundamentalism that they experience on a daily basis.

Likewise, they focused on the articulation of the Latin American social and feminist movement, projecting a joint work for the coming years that will contribute to defend their lives, activism and visions of the future.

Listen to the reflections of the activists who participated in the I Latin American Meeting of organizations – OTRT here: