«Tearing down walls to dream up futures» is a communication campaign designed in the context of the On The Right Track project, by 8 Women’s Funds and 13 feminist and antipatriarchal organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean.

On this #8M2022, we share with you the initiatives developed in tandem by the different organizations of Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile. The spirit of our alliance can be seen manifested in the joy of sharing the dreams that unite us, as well as in the yearning for a good and diverse life for everybody.

Blooming throughout the region

In Bolivia music took over the streets. Our sisters from Warmi Pachakuti, Peripatetics and the LB Cochabamba Network together with the Apthapi Jopueti Fund partook in the 8M march in Cochabamba, where they shared their feminist music with everyone. They also took to the stage at the Diverse Fem Festival where they performed “Sola no estars” and showcased a preview of their latest song, “Somos Diversidad”.

The occasion was sealed in our hearts and memories with this video essay:

“We want you to imagine a future that is:

  • Feminist
  • Joyful
  • Egalitarian
  • Communal
  • Caring

We want you to tear down the walls within you, and to dream up a future with us today. We, and the other collectives of the region, know that it is possible. This is our feeling and our statement, together”.

For their part, La Brújula Magazine ensembled a compilation of different organizations that work for the defence of the rights of girls and women, of LGBTIQ+ communities, and of the indigenous peoples of Central America. The struggles of these organizations to tear down the walls that fundamentalist groups attempt to erect on societies; their resistance, by taking to the streets and to social networks; their political advocacy action and the human rights spaces that they have conquered, are some of the topics addressed by his report, which covers groups from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and El Salvador.

Also in Central America, our colleagues from FCAM, in alliance with Women with the Ability to Dream in Colours, created this video and these images, to show that women with disabilities are also tearing down walls to dream up futures.

In Colombia, our partners from Lunaria Fund, in Alliance with @aquelarreilustracion, worked on a vision of walls being torn down from within: «The walls rumble from within, they crack, they grind from the base; for there are forces, there are winds, there are fires, that move, crack and break that which cements the unmovable. We tear down these walls to dream up futures 🔥💜»

In Mexico, our sisters from Semillas Fund stirred our memories. «They taught us that we couldn’t play football, climb trees, get dirty, or be engineers. They told us that we had to be princesses, take care of the house, and always be perfect. They imposed one and only one idea of womanhood upon us. They taught us that it is wrong to gain weight or grow old, that our gray hair, our wrinkles and stretch marks, are ugly. Today, #8M2022, share with us how labels and stereotypes limited and/or affected you.

In Brazil, Slam das Minas RJ activists, with the support of Elas+ Fund, held a poster and stencil workshop, and carried out a symbolic performance to launch the march at the #8M meeting in Candelaria, Rio de Janeiro.

In the south of the continent, Taller Flotante (Argentina) and @mediareduy (Uruguay), with the participation of @wikimedistas_uy and the support of @fmujeresdelsur, invited visual artists (illustrators, photographers, etc.) to add their creations to a repository which would be shared throughout March, and remain in it afterwards, as an open and free resource. Don’t stop participating!

In Chile, TODAS, a collective of women and minorities from the urban art world, participated in the 5th Cultural Day “De la Pobla pa la Pobla 8M” (“From the Hood, for the Hood”) in La Serena, where they commemorated the 8M with women who, through artistry, painting, music, and dance, came together to create a large mural. They also created murals and graffities in the cities of Valparaíso and in La Alameda, the largest and main avenue of Santiago.

Finally, Fondo Alquimia carried out an artistic/political experience: they hid four parts of a painting and invited the attendees of the 8M march in Santiago to find and unite them. At around 6:00 p.m., the four pieces were put together and the illustration “Tearing down walls to dream up futures”, by artist Katherine Supnem, was formed, and the message from Fondo Alquimia for #8M2022 could be read.